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I had the pleasure of producing Stereo during my final year at 'X' University. It is a digital project profiling some of Toronto's best musicians in some of the cities most notable locations.

In July 2019, CBC licensed Episode 4 of Stereo for broadcast and for hosting on CBC Gem. The other four episodes exist on the Stereo YouTube Page.

Bill S-20FR3E

Produced in the fall of 2017, Bill S-20FR3E is a documentary that follows the journey of Bill S-203 (a bill aiming to end cetacean captivity) in the Canadian government. This  documentary hopes to shed light on some of the incredible activists supporting this cause and the importance this has on Canada and the environment as a whole.

Pretty Girls with Addictions

Pretty Girls With Addictions is a music video within Nico TK's 'Tru Luv Szn' musical era. I co-produced this music video alongside Nico TK. 

This project not only involved 3 music video shoots in one, but we also were able to create an international presence by recording a cover of this song by a string quartet in Edinburgh, Scotland, which can be viewed HERE.

Oh Blessed Broken Me is a series of poems written by author Jeff Knight. Each poem is paired with a photograph which have been taken by either myself or the co-photographer Jameson Dean. This book is available for purchase on the personal website of Jeff Knight.

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