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2022 - current

University of Toronto | PhD

School of Information

2019 - 2021

Simon Fraser University | Master of Arts


4.0 GPA

  • SSHRC - Joseph Armand Bombardier CGS-M Recipient

  • BCGS Masters Scholarship Recipient

  • Dean's Graduate Fellowship Recipient

  • Glenfraser Endowment Research Award in Acoustic Communication

  • R. M. Schafer Scholarship Recipient

2015 - 2019

Toronto Metropolitan University | Bachelor of Arts

Media Production with Sound Media Concentration 

3.9 GPA: with distinction


June 2022

Storywork & Reciprocity: On the Design of an Audio Documentary that Extends HCI Research back to Participants

Published with the DIS '22: Designing Interactive Systems Conference. Co-authored with MinYoung Yoo, William Odom and Arne Berger. Article available HERE. Audio doc available HERE

November 2021

This paper considers how Indigenous knowledge systems, futurisms, art, and activism can provide critical perspectives within the field of acoustic ecology, which lends well to understanding soundscapes of crisis. Available HERE.

April 2021

Published with the Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media. Co-authored with Stacey Copeland. Available HERE.

August 2021

Musical Noise vs. Musical Comfort: A Neighbour's Lament

CASE: Listening In on Pandemic Life Blog Series

Available to read HERE.

April 2021

Ambient Workspaces - Travelling with Sound

SFU Collective Blog Series

Available to read HERE.

March 2021

Reclaim Your Morning with Soothing Sounds

Available to read HERE.


Breathe Magazine Contributor

Freelance Writer for Breathe Magazine. Various contributions across issues which have been printed and distributed across the UK, Canada, the US, New Zealand and Australia.

Teaching & Research

2021 - 2022

Simon Fraser University

  • Working with Dr. William Odom & PhD student Min Young Yoo.

  • Producing an immersive audio documentary with a collection of interview recordings.


Research Assistant on Solitude with Tea

Athabasca University

  • Working with Dr. Mickey Vallee

  • Assisting in research design, literature reviews, data collection and analysis, as well as sonic composition.

2018 - 2021

Teaching Assistant & Tutor Marker

'X' University & Simon Fraser University

  • Responsible for leading tutorials and supporting students through various in person and online courses

  • Marked assignments and planned lessons & activities 

2020 - 2021

Research Assistant - Livable Soundscapes

  • Worked on the SSHRC funded research project led by Dr. Milena Droumeva (SFU).

  • Assisted in various aspects of the project including workshop design, soundwalk guidance, audio editing, and material collection.

  • An interview published about our work can be found HERE.


Student Advisor - CEED Podcast & SFU

  • Worked directly with the CEED community centre to assist in the development of a new podcast (partnered with SFU)

  • Led various workshops on podcasting foundations, assisted in audio editing, and performed weekly brainstorming & recording sessions with the team


Reviewer - BC Studies Soundworks

  • Occasional peer-reviewer for BC Studies Soundworks submissions


June 2021

Panel Presenter | Canadian Communication Association Conference

Presentation Title:

Noise Cancellation as Colonization: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Bose & Apple's Noise Cancelling Headphones

May 2021

Panel Presenter | SFU Communication Graduate Conference

Presentation Title:

'Creator gave us two ears and one mouth': Environmental activism at the intersections of Indigeneity and Acoustic Ecology

March 2021

Panel Presenter | Great Lakes Association for Sound Studies

Presentation Title:

Noise Cancellation: The Colonial Soundscape

May 2020

Panel Presenter | Organized Abandonment: Cultures of Crisis & Resistance Conference

Cancelled due to COVID-19

March 2020

Panel Presenter | Indigenous Graduate Student Symposium (UBC)

Cancelled due to COVID-19

Work Experience

Jan - Aug 2019

Promotions Intern / Assistant

CHUM 104.5 & Virgin Radio Toronto (Bell Media)

  • Worked directly with Dwane Read and Kristie Boadwin, the promotional organizers at CHUM 104.5 and Virgin Radio.

  • Assisted in all promotional material and contest event details for both radio stations.

2014 - 2022

Legal Assistant

Viner Kennedy Law Firm

  • Junior legal assistant and receptionist for Viner Kennedy Law Firm

  • Assisted in opening files, drafting wills, finalizing real estate deals, drafting EDI training documents.

2015 - 2018

Radio Host & Producer

Spiritlive Radio Station: X University

  • Produced and hosted multiple radio programs for 3 years through Spiritlive, ranging from a musical theatre review to a Toronto based music showcase.

  • Contacted musicians to be guests for the radio station (interviews and performances).

& Expertise

  • Teaching Specialities: Sound Studies & Acoustic Ecology, Communication Technologies, Research Methods, Digital Media, Indigeneity

  • Writer & Ghostwriter: Proficient in various writing tones and formatting styles

  • Sound Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Proficient with Zoom microphones, shotgun microphones, Pro Tools, and Audacity.

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