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See below some resume highlights. A full academic CV can be downloaded HERE. Last updated June 2024. 


PhD Student, Faculty of Information: University of Toronto - 2022 – ongoing

Research Interests: Sound Studies, Acoustic Ecology, Listening and Culture, Sonification, Voice

Master of Arts, School of Communication: Simon Fraser University – degree conferred 2021

Thesis Title: Noise Cancelling Headphones and the Neoliberal Subject 

Bachelor of Arts, Radio and Television Arts: Toronto Metropolitan University – degree conferred 2019

Specialization: Sound Media


Yoo, M., Odom, W., Berger, A., Barnett, S., Kenny, S., Lo, P., Shamsher, S., Russell, G., & Knight, L. (2024). Remembering through Sound: Co-creating Sound-based Mementos together with People with Blindness. CHI '24: Proceedings of the CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 1-19.

Knight, L. (2024). Sounding Sidewalks: Historicizing and Theorizing the Medial Zone. Journal of Urban History.

Knight, L. (2023). Voicing the Nonhuman: Exploring the Affectual Relationship of Sonification. Acoustic Ecology Review, 1(1).

Knight, L. (2023). Soundings through creation, evolution, and crisis [Book Review], Sound Studies. DOI: 10.1080/20551940.2023.2191458

Yoo, M., Knight, L., Odom, W., & Berger, A. (2022). Storywork & Reciprocity: On the Design of an Audio Documentary that Extends HCI Research back to Participants. Designing Interactive Systems Conference, 1345–1357. 

Knight, L. (2021). Noise Cancelling Headphones & the Neoliberal Subject [Thesis]. SFU Summit.

Knight, L. (2021). ‘Creator Gave us Two Ears and One Mouth’: Sound as a Signifier of Environmental Crisis at the Intersections of Indigeneity and Acoustic Ecology. Stream: Interdisciplinary Journal of Communication, 13(1), 37-50. DOI: 10.21810/strm.v13i1.297

Knight, L. (2021, August 23). Listening In on Pandemic Life No.2: Musical Noise vs. Musical Comfort: A Neighbour’s Lament. Canadian Association for Sound Ecology.

Copeland, S. & Knight, L. (2020). Indigenizing the national broadcast soundscape – CBC podcast: Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo. Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media, 19(1), p.101-116.

Droumeva, M., Copeland, S., Ashleigh, B. & L. Knight (2020). Livable Soundscapes: A Toolkit for Communities. Sonic Research Studio.

Ongoing: Writer and contributor to Breathe Magazine (distribution across the UK, Canada, the US, New Zealand, and Australia)


Course Instructor – University of Toronto – 2024

  • CCT310 – Popular Culture and Society (Summer 2024)

Guest Lectures – University of Toronto – 2024

  • Sonic Data – WRI363: Communicating in a World of Data (Winter 2024)

  • Soundscapes and Soundwalks – CCT371H5S: Sound as Media (Winter 2024)

Teaching Assistant & Tutor Marker – University of Toronto, Simon Fraser University, and Toronto Metropolitan University – 2019 - Ongoing

  • University of Toronto: CCT302 - Developing and Managing Communication Campaigns and Projects (Summer 2024)

  • University of Toronto: CCT371 – Sound as Media (Winter 2024)

  • University of Toronto: INF3900 – The Emerging Professional (Fall 2022, Fall 2023)

  • University of Toronto: CCT310 – Popular Culture and Society (Winter 2023)

  • Simon Fraser University: CMNS 258 – History of Sound in Media (Spring 2021)

  • Simon Fraser University: CMNS 259 – Introduction to Acoustic Communication (Fall 2019, Fall 2020)

  • Simon Fraser University: CMNS 321 – Cultural Production of Popular Music (Spring 2020)

  • Simon Fraser University: CMNS 130 – Communication and Social Change (Summer 2020)

  • Toronto Metropolitan University: RTA 315 – Business of Creative Media (Winter 2018)

Course Designer – Wintergreen Studios: 'Listening In and Listening Out: An Introduction to Acoustic Ecology'​


Research Assistant – University of Toronto – Ongoing

  • Working with Dr. Tero Karppi to collect sources on DTN network connectivity in remote locations and its applications in outer space infrastructures.

Work Study (KMDI) – University of Toronto, KMDI – 2023

  • Worked with Dr. Sara Grimes of the Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI) to develop a report on academic podcasting practices as explored and utilized within the institute.

Research Assistant – Athabasca University - 2020 - 2021

  • Worked with Dr. Mickey Vallee. Assisted in research design, literature reviews, data collection and analysis, as well as soundscape composition. 

Research Assistant – 'Beyond Looking Back' – Simon Fraser University – 2021 - 2022

  • Worked with Dr. William Odom & PhD candidate Min Young Yoo. Produced an immersive audio documentary with a collection of interview recordings. The audio documentary can be found HERE.

  • Co-authored a paper for publication titled ‘Storywork & Reciprocity: On the Design of an Audio Documentary that Extends HCI Research back to Participants’

Research Assistant – Livable Soundscapes – Simon Fraser University – 2021

  • SSHRC funded research project led by Dr. Milena Droumeva. 

  • Assisted in various aspects of the project including workshop design, soundwalk guidance, audio editing, and material collection. We also developed a Livable Soundscapes toolkit which can be found HERE.


Organized by date offered / awarded:


  • (Offered) Ontario Graduate Scholarship (UofT): $15,000 (Unable to accept due to SSHRC)

  • Graduate Student Merit Award – Canadian Communication Association Conference: $500

  • SSHRC – Canadian Graduate Scholarship Doctoral: $105,000


  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (UofT): $15,000


  • R. Murray Schafer Soundscape Award (SFU): $1,200


  • SSHRC: Canadian Graduate Scholarship - M (SFU): $17,500

  • Glenfraser Endowment Research Award in Acoustic Communication (SFU): $1,000

  • R. Murray Schafer Soundscape Award (SFU): $1,000

  • Graduate Fellowship (SFU): $6,500


  • Dean's Graduate Fellowship (SFU): $5,000

  • British Columbia Graduate Student Scholarship (SFU): $15,000

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